Tips on Wheel Lacing
Much easier to do than I was led to believe


  1. Draw yourself a spoke pattern
  2. The hub will probably be offset. Measure it, both sides
  3. Measure the new rim. I had two Borrani WM3 rims and the profile was different. The part I was measuring to was a 1/4 inch different. I was surprised.
  4. Grind a screwdriver with parallel sides to fit the nipples snugly. Much easier to use than a spoke key.
  5. When taking the old wheel apart, keep the inside and outside spokes apart. They are probably different.


  1. Stainless Steel spokes and nipples are nice.
  2. Lubricate the threads, this really helps.
  3. Only put the inside spokes in and lace them up to the rim, putting a couple of turns on each nipple.
  4. Then lace up the outside spokes. This way they cross each other nicely and do not tangle.
  5. Working around the rim progressively tighten the nipples a couple of turns at a time starting at the valve hole, to keep track of where you are. This will keep the hub centered and true.
  6. When they start to get tight check your offset and only tighten the left or right side until corrected. Make any adjustments now to true the wheel. It is much easier now to correct than when the spokes are tighter.
  7. When the rim offset is correct and the wheel is true, tighten all spokes again working around the rim. You should be able to get them tight enough using the screwdriver. Tap them, the tone will pick up any loose ones.
  8. Refit the tire and balance.

Using this method I found the hub was always centered and the rim ran true.

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