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1972 Ducati 750 GT

This is the first Ducati I have owned. It started life as a 750 GT model but was modified in 1990 into an Imola Replica Cafe Racer. It has the large Imola fiberglass gas tank with a clear fuel gauge. A single 70's style bump stop seat. A custom fork brace and a trick front brake set up with two calipers on one cast iron rotor have been added. The 750cc motor has been resleeved into 900 cc and 900cc Desmo heads installed. A custom stainless two into one exhaust header is also fitted. It also has a gear gazer to watch the bevel gears go round.
1972 Ducati 750 GT Imola Replica

Left side of bike....

Right side of bike...
A shot taken from the rear...
The custom trick front brake setup.
The custom "Desmo" fork brace.

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