350 Colborne Street North, Simcoe, Ontario
(519) 426-3295

Principal's Message

Our children are our hopes and dreams of our future. They must be secure in the belief that we care. Our deeds and desires will help mould their attitudes, perspective on life, sense of self-worth and learning skills.

North is an effective school. The School Team is committed to working with and for the students of our community. We are closely tied with the parents in our Council to plan and effect changes for today's learners.

The schools of today are in Mark Twain's words "not like they used to be and never were". Ontario leads most of the modern world in Child Centred Education. The programs in the classroom are active; children work and discover in groups and share in decision making. There are Centres and Themes around which activities are directed. Our Blended Family Classrooms link the primary grade/programs and provide a wide variety of opportunities for children to share and practise leadership.

Gone are the straight rows and the absolute quiet of the teacher centred, traditional classroom. Programmed learning, lock stepped in textbooks for reading, spelling and arithmetic where everyone must do the same work is outmoded.

To be successful we must work together. The School Community Council and the Parent Teacher Council provides a forum for shared decision making. The Leadership Team is listening and responding to the changes in our community.

Help us to care for the children.

J.I. Abbey, B.A., B.Ed.M.Ed.

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